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Master the Evolving 21st-Century Media Landscape

Who Are We?

The University of Texas at Austin’s Radio-Television-Film department (UT RTF) supports a rich diversity of creative and scholarly pursuits. As one of the few top-ranking U.S. university programs in both media production and studies, UT RTF is one of the most affordable among its peers. We offer extensive studio and technique courses to approximately 1000 undergraduate and 160 graduate students, covering all aspects of media production, history, and theory. Our alumni go on to enjoy a wide range of careers commercially and independently—including directing, editing, producing, cinematography, special FX, game design, screenwriting, web design, marketing, policymaking, and higher education.

Welcome to Austin, TX

We are home to great film festivals, a renowned live music scene, and some of today’s hottest feature filmmakers, TV show runners, and internationally recognized media scholars. And at the heart of Austin, seeding both the high-tech industry and vibrant arts community, is The University of Texas. It’s where you can write / direct / edit / shoot / produce the next Hollywood blockbuster, original television pilot, or small indie gem; where you can gain hands-on training with the latest and greatest animation and visual effects technology; and where you can launch your creative and professional career by honing your understanding of the historical, cultural, industrial and global contexts surrounding film, television, and digital media.

The UT RTF Mission

To provide quality education to undergraduate and graduate students in media studies and in the creation of media, to inspire better media practices as well as informed citizen engagement through media literacy, and to create an environment that supports all creative work and scholarly research. A particular goal of all the work of the Department is to explore and promote issues of social justice as they relate to communication. 

Contact Info

Austin, TX 78712
Phone: (512) 471-3434