College Filmmakers

College Filmmakers was created as a nonprofit corporation committed to supporting student filmmakers and founded with the purpose of cultivating a community of support and promotion for the development of young artists. College Filmmakers is dedicated to working with students and film programs around the world through our system of outreach.

We support a broad range of community based initiatives to carry out our mission. These include: Social media promotion and spotlighting, film competitions, film program and indie film outreach, student film backing, educational tools and information, charitable donations and contributions. All initiatives are designed to further the advancement of student filmmaking and elevate the reputation of student filmmakers.


College Filmmakers is dedicated to supporting student and independent filmmakers around the world in an effort to cultivate a community that provides educational and charitable support, promotion, and the development of young artists.

Our Vision

Presently, there is a clear lack of support and channels of interest in student filmmakers. Recognizing the lack of necessary attention afforded to student filmmaker populations, College Filmmakers was created. Tasked with connecting and strengthening the student film world, College Filmmakers has set out to build a strong student film community. Ultimately, we envision a unified and empowered community of student filmmakers from around the world who through their collaboration and shared vision can build a better defined connection between the student film world and the industry.

College Filmmakers is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization