Looking Glass Series


Looking Glass is one of North Texas Television’s entertainment shows. The cast and crew are composed of UNT student volunteers. Looking Glass has won multiple awards including 1st and 2nd place for “Best General Entertainment Program” at the CBI’s (College Broadcast Institute). The CBI’s are a national competition meaning Looking Glass beat out several universities all across the United States. Our Episode “Therefore, I’m Not” won first and our season two finale “Three Ghosts” won second place. We were also a finalist for the Lonestar Emmys “Best General Entertainment Program award” and have received an Emmy for editing.

Each episode follows a different cast of characters and a different story (with some connecting elements). As of February 2022 we have produced six episodes (including 4 in a single semester, the most any ntTV entertainment show has ever produced.)


The Film

“Looking Glass is an anthology series following “the Omniscient” Who shares cautionary tales of the future.”

Episode Descriptions

Episode 1: “The Algorithm Generation”

“After years of letting screens and companies raise their children, parents across the nation now have to deal with the unintended consequences. With rising tensions between the old guard and this new generation, a man tries to reconnect with his younger brother.”


Episode 2: “Writer’s Room”

“A band of nameless writers are pooled together under the watch of a moderator to finish a deadline. As their story progresses, it becomes clear there’s something unusual about their creation.


Episode 3: “Heart of Wires”

“When Jane’s husband Tom falls deathly ill, her neighbor, Dr. Moira Foster, offers Jane a way to “save” her husband but, when Tom returns it’s clear nothing is as it seems to be.”


Episode 4: “Personalized Progeny”

“JJ is your average high school senior, only focused on good times with his friends. As graduation is quickly approaching JJ must decide what to do with his future and when he learns a dark family secret his fate is forever changed.”


Episode 5: “Therefore, I’m Not”

“Brooke Micheals is confined to her home due to a condition that blocks her memory. SHe finds herself on a journey of self discovery where she learns the dark truth about a past she attempts to rectify.”


Episode 6: “Three Ghosts”

“Scott Matthews has just landed his dream job at Hive Incorporated and he discovers some questionable archives. Meanwhile, United States Representative Eugene Olsen recruits Junior Private Eye Todd Taylor to investigate Hive’s shelters for adolescents.”