Jack Solves Something


A college student fixated on solving mysteries struggles to find his first case in this surrealist detective short.

Film School: University of Chicago

Director Statement:
Jack Solves Something is the first film I ever directed. I came up with the idea for Jack, the misfit wannabe detective when I was experiencing feelings of aimlessness and isolation. Jack’s deep sense of aimlessness and desperation to find a case “worth solving” was a reflection of my struggle to create structure and purpose in my own life. Writing this film became a valuable way of processing these emotions, and, by the time I was finished writing, I felt that I had told a story that many people could relate to. I was fortunate enough to find a talented, insightful, and enthusiastic cast and crew that shared my vision for this film. This project was a labor of deep love from all of us; I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it!

About the Director

The Film

Luke Delaney (aged 20) is a student filmmaker at the University of Chicago. Luke is the president of Fire Escape Films, which is UChicago’s student filmmaking club. Since entering college, he has worked on at least 3 student films each year, often as a director, editor, or screenwriter.