Into The Night



The Film

Jeanne, an alienated college student, wanders into the night in search of something lost.

Director's Biography

After seeing Carol Reed’s The Third Man, I knew what I had to do with my life. Although a dream of mine, filmmaking always seemed impossible to achieve with the funds that I had. In 2018, I transferred to Illinois State University to obtain my Bachelors degree in Sociology. There I discovered the films of the French new wave and John Cassavetes. I had no excuse, I needed to create something. Surrounded by talented actors and beautiful scenery, I wrote and directed my first short film “Into the Night”. I took my knowledge from that wonderful experience and directed a mental health PSA, and a short film titled “Planned Out” which is currently in post production. In the next phase of my filmmaking journey, I will continue to direct in the Chicagoland area.