Aida is pretty content with her life as a digital AI model until she realizes that people can’t even recognize her without technology. This sends her into a journey of self-discovery and worth as she tries to make a change. Her girlfriend, Alex, tries to be supportive but seems to have the mentality of everyone else; that no one really sees models as real people with emotions. After a fight, the two decide to have dinner the following night to regroup their feelings and discuss their future together. Feeling lost and confused, Aida seeks validation from her manager Ryan, instead of confiding in her partner. One thing leads to another and Aida is full of regret in her decisions. Aida quickly loses her sense of self and ends up seeing her AI model take on a life of its own without her.

Film School: Emerson College 

About the Director

The Film

Nippich is a filmmaker from Nakhonpathom, Thailand. At age 17, he caught the attention of a renowned Asian director/producer and the leader of Thai New Wave, Nonzee Nimibutr, with his script Stray Cats, which got produced in 2019. In 2021 he transferred to Emerson College where he is now finishing up his degree in Visual Media. In his undergraduate career, he was accepted into the BFA thesis program and directed his most recent film Phantom Waves.