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2019 Austin Film Festival

AFF furthers the art and craft of film by inspiring and championing the work of all artists who use the language of film and television to tell a story.

When: October 24-31, 2019

The Austin Film Festival is a year-round non-profit organization. We do events throughout the year, a Membership Program, a Young Filmmakers Program with summer camps and classes – not to mention – a TV show, radio show and MORE!

For 25 years now AFF has fired up its spotlight and pointed it directly where the Hollywood sun don’t always shine – the writer. We offer hundreds of films, TV premieres, and informative panels that will inspire you to the max and help you boost your own ideas. And there are parties and spirits galore in which to enhance or drown any emotion or reaction that manifests itself in you. Not to mention a ton of networking with other writers and filmmakers. (Yes, including the famous ones.) These opportunities are what make it all worthwhile and achievable when the circus leaves town. You’ll take home priceless knowledge and insight, and maybe even a few leads.